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Parents’ Foundation for Transitional Living, Inc. aims to help residents who have a mental illness live in the community at the most independent living level that is safely possible, with the supports they need to do so.

To help residents succeed in community living, Parents’ Foundation has two major programs that offer residents varying levels of structure and support. The programs are:

1) The Residential Living Center and

2) The Supervised Apartment Program

(Click on the links below to learn more about each program)

Residents who are new to Parents’ Foundation join us in the
our group home – the Residential Living Center. As residents stabilize and build skills, they transition to our Supervised Apartment Program. Many continue to progress and move out and live in their own apartment in the community

Some residents stay in our in-house programs on a
long-term or permanent basis and continue to benefit from the support services provided.

Parents’ Foundation for Transitional Living, Inc. promotes a resident’s recovery through the individual’s integration in the community. Our Broadway location offers residents easy access to New Haven’s best:

  • psychiatric providers & mental health centers
  • medical treatment
  • psychosocial rehabilitation programs
  • vocational programs
  • colleges and universities
  • arts and music programs
  • museums and theaters
  • sports and sporting events
  • restaurants, coffee houses, shopping and
  • transportation (including the New Haven Trolley!)

All residents can participate in our in-house Resident Recovery and Enrichment Program. This program provides opportunities to the residents to rediscover and pursue activities of interest, fitness, and independent living skill building.

Our diverse staff contributes to making Parents’ Foundation a warm, caring atmosphere where residents are supported and encouraged as they make progress.

Please click on the program title below to learn more about the...

Residential Living Center and

Supervised Apartment Program.

Please visit our Contact Us page to request more information about our programs.

We work successfully with clients who present with a spectrum of mental illnesses such as: schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety disorder.

Roseann Pandolfi,
Director of Residential Programs

A living room at The Residential Living Center

Main Kitchen at the Residential Living Center

Horticulture group at the Residential Living Center

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